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Candle stand Gift

Presents are a sign of enchantment and gratitude. Many occasions and events come in life where exchanging of gifts become compulsory. Irrespective of gender, it becomes challenging for one to choose a gift for anyone. Also, this depends on the choice of others that they like it or not. Usually, things that are appreciated the most are wooden decorative pieces. It has been a tradition for a long time to use stylish wooden items as gifts. Beautifully carved items are chosen because they stay longer in the memory of someone beloved.
Today, we will be introducing you to a similar product that can be used as a precious gift. The product is an admirable wooden candle stand. It has two individual holders in which circular candles are easily adjustable. This handicraft is made up of pure wood and has an antique look. Rosewood and Sheesham are mainly dominant in the composition of this classy candle stand. The shape is of the candle stand is stylish, which makes it look more catchy. This beautiful candle stand can be kept as a decoration piece as well as be placed on the tables for romantic dinners. We will have a quick review of its significant elements.
Durable Construction: This beautifully designed candle stand is made from pure quality Sheesham wood which ensures that the wood will not be damaged even after multiples washes. This product is designed in a way that it can be used as a showpiece as well.
Modish Appearance: Strong wood candle stand gives your home a perfect decoration which is fashionable, classic, and decent.
Saves Space: The stylish candle stand does not only is decorative but, also compels to less space when placed on a specific corner of the house.
Washable: It is easily washable and kept a dry place. The wood can sustain water for quite a long time.
Considerate Design: The size of the storage basket: 15.7 Inches. It is an unlidded design but, keep stuff away from dust. Also, the basket is designed in such a way that the lower part is made in a way that prevents the candles to plunge.
Multiple uses: This beautiful candle stand can be given as a present and can also be used as a decoration piece. The candle stand can also be kept on the dressing tables for hair-bands, long necklaces and dangling items.
Sections: The candle stand has two different frames. This can help keep circular candles.

Weight: This candle stand is lightweight as it is only of 1 Kg.

Portable: The product is portable; it can be kept easily almost anywhere, and people can travel without much effort.

Quality: It is a high-quality product.

This candle stand is a useful item that can be used for different purposes, as mentioned above. The manufacturers have made it with keen observation and hard work. You can get your hands on this beautiful candle stand just by a single click. It can be ordered online, and the product will be at your door-step in no time.

The payment methods are feasible. All you have to do is enter your credit or debit card number and pay for the product online. You need not worry if you are not comfortable with that because the company also provides cash on delivery. Isn’t it just amazing?

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 in


Chiniot Hnadicraft


Wooden Handicraft


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